Bruce Charash, Founder and Chairman, DOC2DOCK, NY, USA

What can You do to make the world a better place? That was the question posed to Dr. Bruce Charash. His response is Doc to Dock. Doc to Dock, an innovative program that ships medical supply surpluses from the U.S. to struggling hospitals in developing countries. It is estimated that in the United States thousands of tons of medical supplies are discarded every day due to overproduction, procedural excess and regulatory requirements. This surplus of medical materials is either incinerated or deposited in landfills, both of which are harmful to the environment. In the meantime millions of suffering people – many of them children – go without proper medical care for lack of essential supplies and equipment. Many die needless and painful deaths. With the motto “Converting Surplus into Survival”, Doc to Dock strives to reverse this cycle of waste by collecting the unused medical supplies from U.S. hospitals and shipping them to hospitals and clinics in need in developing countries. Dr. Charash, a clinical associate professor at New York University is a leading Cardiology and Internal Medicine specialist and former chief of cardiac care at Lenox Hospital in New York City. While long committed to social causes, Dr. Charash was inspired by a call to action from President Clinton to put his passions into practice. Doc 2 Dock is an outcome of the Clinton Global Initiative. Dr. Charash has helped turn medical overproduction and the wastefulness of developed nations into tangible benefits for those half way around the world and affected the lives of countless of thousands in African nations.