Dick Govatski, Chairman and CEO, Net Medical Inc, USA

Dick Govatski founded New Mexico Software (NMS) in 1995 after identifying market inefficiencies in how intellectual property owners managed their image assets. In 1999, he successfully took NMS public. Prior to NMS, Govatski spent 18 years in systems integration and publishing in sales management and software development. Govatski led the sales teams for Popular Electronics, Computer Shopper, Shutterbug and MacWeek. Later he sold numerous solutions for vendors, including Kodak, Apple Computer and Sun Microsystems. Govatski also spent several years in systems development as President of Media Publishing Group and built graphic applications for companies including Ferrari Color, Time Magazine, New York Daily News and Getty Images. After creating the enterprise applications and e-commerce strategy at New Mexico Software, Govatski took the company public in August 1999. Govatski holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in communications from Butler University, Indianapolis, Ind. Dick is an active private pilot who owns his own Cessna 172.