DOCS Network

DOCS has connections to thousands of clinics, doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic centers and labs across Nigeria. With this very large network we are the only healthcare facility that can send your information via email or text in real time to so many different health care providers nationwide. The DOCS network spans across all 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory. This ensures that you, as a DOCS subscriber will get the best possible health care in Nigeria along with maximum quality and satisfaction.

We are heavily integrated into the healthcare infrastructure in such a way that thousands of doctors nationwide will accept patients that have been recommended to visit them as a result of consulting with our Doctors through our medical call service hotline. Additionally, we have access to thousands of pharmacies nationwide that are able to receive electronic or SMS text of prescription refills on behalf of subscribers. These pharmacies are geo-mapped to ensure accurate localization. Subscribers in need of prescription refills will be mapped from the location of their calls to the pharmacies that are closest to them. The prescription is then sent to the corresponding pharmacy and if desired a copy of the instructions may be sent to you as well. This is particularly useful in those situations when you may have to travel to a different city and not have access to your routine medications or usual care providers and yet need to be compliant with their treatment without break, for example if you are hypertensive or diabetic.

We not only have connections with doctors and pharmacies, we have connections to thousands of laboratories and hospitals nationwide. We make it easy for you as a DOCS subscriber because we can send your electronic medical record to a healthcare provider of your choice at your request.